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Best Facial Treatments in Las Vegas!


1 Hour Massage + Express Facial

Discounted Upgrades Available.
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*Includes Extractions

Express Facial

30-Minute Treatment

A facial for the person on the go. It gets the skin rehydrated and refreshed using high end Japanese products. The perfect demo for first timers as well.


*Signature Facial

60-Minute Treatment

Our signature facial using high end Japanese products and a clay mineral mask to rehydrate the skin, leaving a natural glow.


*Anti-Aging Facial

70-Minute Treatment

This facial uses high end Japanese products to rehydrate the skin, combined with a strong anti-aging LED to produce skin cells, collagen and balance uneven skin tone.


RF Anti-Aging

70-Minute Treatment

This treatment uses radio frequency to activate the skin cells, to force the production of collagen, resulting in tightened and lifted skin.


*Kassa Facial

70-Minute Treatment

This facial uses an innovative vibration tool, a massage technique popular in Japan, China and Korea. It tightens the face naturally through detox, pressure and vibrations.  Leaving the skin with a more natural slow and a firm lifted appearance.


+$15 for extractions

*Diamond Peel Facial

70-Minute Treatment

The diamond peel facial exfoliates the skin, reduces fine lines, removes dead skill cells and helps the product penetrate deeper, revealing an overall healthier appearance.


*Green Tea Acne Facial

60-90 Minute Treatment

This facial is designed to combat and eliminate acne, resulting in healthier skin over time.  It uses the same diamond peel treatment to target skin texture and help product penetration.  Followed by an LED treatment to reduce discoloration and eliminate acne bacteria.

From $110

Back Treatment

60-90 Minute Treatment

This procedure is designed to helping acne or pigmentations on the back with the help of high-end Japanese products, LED and a mud mineral mask.

From $110

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